Hollywood Newsletter Jan 2018

January 2018 issue

My First Commitment in Recovery – By Brian M.
The first place I attended a recovery meeting was called
simply “The Place.” It was in a strip mall in tiny Lucerne
Valley in the high desert, 30 miles east of Apple Valley. I
was hesitant about making any commitment in my first
weeks of recovery, but my counselor at the Treatment
Center suggested I begin my service at this tiny meeting
next to a hot rod car shop and a pizza joint.


Clean But Not Dead

August 2011 Issue

We hope that you will find both inspiration and food for thought in this issue, which we dedicate to Clean Not Dead: Living Proof, Youth Unity Day of NA’s Southern California Region.

The Greater Hollywood Area of NA is proud and privileged, honored and humbled to host this event, which takes place on August 13, from 10 a.m. to midnight at the Hollywood Women’s Club, 1749 N. La Brea Ave. We ask all NA members of Greater Hollywood to support the youth of NA by attending this important event, which is designed to increase unity and further our primary purpose of carrying the message to the addict who still suffers throughout the Southern California Region.

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The “No Matter What” Issue

July 2010 | Issue No. 2 | Volume No. 10

This issue of the newsletter explores what it means to find the courage to actually let go of our reservations and to experience the miracle of the lifting of our obsession to use; through the best and worst of times. We may never fully understand why this works for us, but we certainly see and hear the evidence that, no matter what, we can stay clean one more day.

March 2010 | Issue No. 1 | Volume No. 10 (click to download Pdf.)