The Creativity Issue

November 2008 | Volume No.6 | Issue No.7

When we put out the word that we wanted to publish an issue on “Creativity in Recovery” and that we would welcome pretty much any sort of expression, we got an overwhelming response!

Poems, articles, lyrics, photography, stories, an excerpt of a play and artwork came in such abundance, we now have a backlog of really great contributions to use as part of the next several issues.
Funny thing: it’s not uncommon to hear a newcomer fret in a meeting about fearing that they might not be able to create art without the aid of their drug of choice. They wonder if they are now going to lose their “edge,” and be deserted by their Muse!

From what we see here, there’s no need to worry!

November 2008 | Volume No.6 | Issue No.7 (click to download PDF)